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Bail Yes a Brevard County bail bonds agency, serving all of Brevard County County, Fl. cities with 24 hour bail bonds service. Pay by telephone with credit card. From Titusville to Melbourne call for quick, discreet and confidential bail bonding services 24 hours a day at 1-800-224-5937. We make house calls, you don't have to leave your home or office we can handle the entire process right over the phone or we will come to you. We accept major credit cards, debit cards, cash or personal checks for all Miami and Brevard County bail bonds. We are always open for bail bonds and have bondsmen on call 24 Hours, 7 Days a week to better serve you. Call us today and speak to one of our many professional bail bond agents now.

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Brevard County, Florida. Brevard County is part of Brevard County County.

Serving all surrounding areas of Brevard County.
Barefoot Bay
Canaveral Air Station
Cape Canaveral
Cocoa Beach
Indian Harbor Beach
Indian Harbour Beach
Kennedy Space Center
Malabar City
Melbourne Town
Melbourne Beach
Melbourne Village
Merritt Island
Mims Village
Palm Bay
Palm Shores
Patrick Air Force Base
Port Canaveral
Port Saint John
Satellite Beach
West Cocoa
West Melbourne

We also handle state, federal and immigration bail bonds anywhere nationwide by telephone.

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 In the City of Brevard County, Fl. Bail Bondsmen on call to help you anytime and any jail. Serving all Brevard County County Jails and Sheriff's detention facilities, Brevard County and South Beach Police department jails.


Brevard County Bail Bondsman.

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What Happens After Being Arrested on The Beach?
When you are arrested anywhere on Brevard County you will be placed in Brevard County Police custody and transported  to the local Brevard County Sheriff's office or jail nearest you.  On average within one or two hours after being booked in at the jail the defendant will have his or her bail amount set. Only after the jail booking officer has completed booking the defendant will he or she be able to bond out. However, depending on the seriousness of the offense/s you are charged with you may need to first go before a judge before you are allowed to bail out. Some of these offenses include, domestic violence charges, armed robbery, kidnapping, murder, ETC.  If you need to find a person held in custody at the jail or for Brevard County bail bond release information call us at 1-800-224-5937.

Brevard County Courthouse
400 South Street  Titusville, FL 32780-7683
(321) 264-5350

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What is a bail bond? A bail bond is a surety bond it is a contract between three parties:

The principal - The defendant (the accused in jail that was released on bond) and who is responsible to and will appear each and every time the court/s orders.

The obligee - the Court where the defendant has agreed he or she will appear in front of until the conclusion of the criminal case.

The surety - An insurance company / bail bondsman that posted a bond ensuring that the principal will make all of his or her court appearance and follow all conditions of bond set by the court.

• About Cash Bail.
If paying by mail make sure to write the case number and the defendant’s full name on the check or money order. Never mail cash.
Note: If you posted a cash bail, your bail money may be applied to a fine at the time of sentencing if the depositor is the defendant or a third-party who signed the bail receipt giving the Court permission to do so at the time of deposit.

Brevard County Criminal Courthouse
Brevard County District Court House

The Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all defendants accused of committing crimes that have been designated by the State Legislature as felonies.  A felony is a criminal offense punishable by death or imprisonment in a state penitentiary.

The Circuit Court also has jurisdiction over all cases in which a child is alleged to have committed a delinquent act or violation of law.  A delinquent complaint is filed by a law enforcement officer when a juvenile is alleged to have committed a felony, misdemeanor, contempt of court or violation of a local ordinance.

The County Court has jurisdiction over all defendants accused of committing crimes which have been designated as misdemeanors.  A misdemeanor is a criminal offense which is punishable by imprisonment in a county correctional facility.

The County Court also has jurisdiction over criminal traffic cases.  Criminal Traffic Laws which are defined by the Florida Rules of Court as a violation that may subject a defendant upon conviction to incarceration.
Brevard County Clerk of Courts
P.O. Box 999
Titusville, Florida 32781-0999

Open 9am-4pm
Telephone #
: 321-637-5413

Brevard County Court house Hours of Operation.
The Brevard County criminal courthouse is open from 8:15 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except court holidays.


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Brevard County, Florida Jails Police Office.subsequent to the bail amount being set, our bail agent will post the bond at the Brevard County jail or Police department. The jail official booking/release officer begins the release process which can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to be completed.

Brevard County Jails and Courts.
Brevard County Sheriff
700 S. Park Avenue
Titusville, FL. 32780
(321) 264 - 5201

Brevard County Police Department
Brevard County Main Jail
700 S. Park Avenue
Titusville, FL. 32780
(321) 264 - 5201

At Brevard County Bail Bonds in Brevard County we always have bail bond agents on duty waiting to help you get your loved one out quickly. We make this process as short as possible.

About Florida ICE Immigration bonds. INS bonds are not that different from a standard bail bond, but then again there is a huge difference. An immigration bond not only guarantees the appearance of a detainee but also his or her performance. What is mean by "Performance" on INS bonds is primarily one thing, that the detainee will not become a ward of the state.


Brevard County Florida Bail Bond Company open 24 hours.

Bail Bonds are like a specialized loan. As such the bail bond company may require you to pledge a guarantee on the loan/bond. We accept all types of real estate, cars, ETC.

In general for most bonds we may only require your signature as collateral.

For Larger bonds: The most common type is a home  or vacant land or parcel. In some cases, we can accept a portion of the bond in cash or by credit card.





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City of Brevard County Bail Bonds and also serving all the following major cities of Brevard County County and surrounding areas.

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